Big Sounds International

EST. 2000

Fall 2023

Several years after giving up on the endless pitching-to-the-void that we felt music licensing had become, we're still working with a few songs and artists and mostly focusing on our publishing admin biz, primarily the catalogs of Mr Bongo Records (we admin publishing for them through our These Are Big Sounds Publishing), avant jazzrock artist The Grassy Knoll, and the under-appreciated stylings of jazz/ska/lounge legend Joey Altruda, and supervising as much as I can get hired on - an Academy Award-winning short, "If Anything Happens, I Love You", Academy Award nominated short doc, "How Do You Measure A Year", a museum commemorating the Greenwood massacre, a doc about Dennis Hopper's right-hand-man (score by Gemma Thompson (Savages), and some cool indie movies I hope you get to see soon.

We've moved websites over to what we hope is a more secure and friendly host. The website building tools, as you can see, are a little wonky but for now we'll make it work.

Here are a few of links to some sites we work with or just like to have around: